• Repairs

  • We can provide you with a comprehensive repair service for your existing Entrance Door/ Gate and Shop-front.

    Our highly skilled engineers can be called out to attend to an immediate problem, or one of our sales team can attend your site to assess your doors and submit a report and quotation.

    We hold an extensive stock of the items that are likely to require repair or replacement for both manual and automatic doors/gates, including universal components that will allow us to repair doors that you may have from other manufacturers. And for items that we may not have in stock, we can source directly from other manufacturers or from our network of alternative suppliers.

    We offer an emergency call-out service, which is intended to provide security or temporary use of your doors until a full repair can be carried out on the next available working day.

    Manual Doors

    If your existing door is closing too fast or is heavy to open, or if your door does not close properly within its frame or the lock does not work or if the glass is cracked, we can help. We can replace closures, arms and pivots, as well as locks, glass and other door furniture. In addition, we can upgrade your existing locking arrangements, glazing and door furniture if your requirements of the doors have changed.

    Automatic Doors/ Gates

    If you are experiencing problems with your existing automatic doors/ gates, we have the knowledge and ability to offer you the most cost effective solution that meets your requirements. And when the extent of the repair to your doors requires a more radical solution, we can offer retro-fit kits for automatic straight sliding doors from other manufacturers. This provides a complete new automatic door system to be fitted into your existing sliding door header, while utilising your existing doorleaves, and is often less expensive than the cost of a replacement microprocessor board from some other manufacturers. Also we can offer Automatic Sliding or Swing Gates System to be fitted on your existing gate.

    For older automatic doors/ gates, we can also advise on any upgrading that may be required to allow your doorsto meet the current British Standard BS7036.

    If you are currently experiencing a problem with one of your doors and wish to report a fault, then please request a service call by filling out the form in the Contact Us section or email us at sales@geautomation.co.in

    Our emergency call-out service can be reached by calling our office at 01624 264593

  • Automatic

    Rising Arm Barriers

    Efficient way of increasing security and monitoring the number of vehicles passing through the control point.

  • Automatic

    Sliding Doors

    Cost effective automatic entrance door for medium to high volume pedestrian access in commercial & residential environments.

  • Automatic

    Telescopic Sliding Doors

    Ideal for the environments where a sliding door is required but space is at a premium.

  • Automatic

    Hermetic Doors

    Real barriers of defence made for specific environments such as operating theatres, disinfection rooms, sterile rooms etc...

  • Automatic

    Curved Sliding Doors

    These are very aesthetically pleasing and allowing access for wheel chairs or as an emergency escape in the event of a fire.

  • Automatic

    Swing Doors

    The Swing Automatic Door is ideal for low, medium and high volume traffic in many environments where a sliding door is not practical.

  • Automatic

    Folding Doors

    It provides a safer swing movement for one-way and two-way traffic than conventional swing doors.

  • Automatic

    Revolving Doors

    The most economical doors of the entire range of automatic doors in the terms of the energy it consumes and the energy it saves.

  • Automatic

    Door Accessories

    Infrared Sensor, Microwave Sensor, Ceiling Mounted Sensor, Contactless Sensor Switch, Safety Beam Sensor and many more...

  • Automatic

    Sliding Gates

    Automatic gates offer convenience and security as well as potentially increasing the value of your home.

  • Automatic

    Swing Gates

    Having your gates automated increases the investment made to your property, with the extra style and exclusivity of automatically operating gates.

  • Automatic

    Folding Gates

    Eliminates the struggle with large and heavy manual gates that many people encounter. A simple press of a button on a remote control allows access.

  • Automatic

    Gate Accessories

    Push Switch, Key Switch, Digital Keypad Switch, Finger-print Switch, Proximity Switch, GSM Controller, Video Phone Intercom etc...

  • Electric

    Awning and Sun Blinds

    Solar Control, where the Awning Operates Automatically when a certain degree of light is received by the sensor.

  • Electric Roller Shutter

    Domestic Roller Shutters

    Domestic Electric Roller Shutters are the best choice for screening the interior of your house from view and for preserving your privacy

  • Electric Roller Shutter

    Commercial Roller Shutters

    Commercial Electric Roller Shutters are ideal for after working hours security in many retail and commercial environments.

  • Electric Roller Shutter

    Industrial Roller Shutters

    Industrial electric roller shutters are ideal for after working hours security in industrial environments, such as factories and warehouses etc

  • Electric Roller Shutter


    Push Switch, Finger-print Switch, Microwave Sensor, Key Switch, Digital Keypad Switch, Safety Brakes Bearing, Security Locks etc...

  • Electric

    Stage Curtains

    Comfort instead of using hard-to-using manual curtain system. Suitable for auditoriums, banquet halls, school and collage stages etc...

  • Remote Controlled

    Window Curtains

    Electric window curtains are the perfect solution for large windows, difficult to reach windows and glazed areas and are more popular than ever.

  • Remote Controlled

    Window Roman Shade

    Suitable for commercial or domestic installation, the system's flexibility meets the full range of needs from comfort to your pocket.

  • Remote Controlled

    Window Roller Shade

    Developed from function-able to fashionable over the last few years. Perfect complement to modern architecture

  • Remote Controlled

    Window Vertical Blinds

    Have slats that hang vertically, are perfect for daylight management as sunlight can be either redirected or completely blocked.

  • Remote Controlled


    Electric window actuators (window openers) are gain comfort instead of using hard-to-use manual hardware when windows are out-of-reach.